BMR023 – Overcast Radio – Subconscious Headset

Overcast Radio – Atlantis Dub (Paske Ayiti)

Overcast Radio – Honky Paradise

Overcast Radio – Lifelight Dub

Overcast Radio – Secondhand Daylight

Overcast Radio – Solid State

Overcast Radio – Soul Tiger

Overcast Radio – Zuckersalz

Overcast Radio – Subconscious Headset (Full Album)

Music Review by Simon Fogg [ http://simonfogg.wordpress.com/ ]

Overcast Radio puts a name to the dubstep personality of prolific sound design artist Chris Jones. A professional musician since age 16, Jones’ work as Staff Composer/Senior Producer at VideoHelper Production Music Library earned him credits on The Sopranos as well as with ABC, NBC, CBS/Viacom, Miramax, HBO, Adidas, Akklaim and TBS. He has also licensed music and sound design for over 40 movie trailers. As you might have guessed, the Subconscious Headset EP is a style that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a heavy Betamorph release.

The name of the EP comes from an idea formed by observing the transmitted Hell of a modern Metropolis. As people speak clumsily through wireless cellular technology inside their ears, to passersby they appear to be talking to themselves. Suddenly, the gap between the well paid executive’s authoritative phone call and the vagrant’s delusional rant begins to blur, as both shout angrily to themselves against the backdrop of commuter traffic. If this communication technology progresses further, moving inside the body and mind, communication and social borders would turn to ambiguous static as Future Shock overwhelms perception. This is the futuristic vision that underscores this EP.

Musically, Subconscious Headset trades the familiar Betamorph alien invasion for a sunken maze of trip-hop beats and jazz. ‘Atlantis Dub’ is mysterious and elusive, while ‘Honky Paradise’ deals in pimp grooves and whiskey. ‘Lifelight Dub’ is nocturnally punctuated by sensuous vocals and becomes mesmerizing. ‘Secondhand Daylight’ has urban echoes, where other tracks like ‘Soul Tiger’ merge soft depraved notes with luxurious reverb. Just when you think the mood is calm, the bass rumbles just enough to remind you that things are ready to explode whenever Overcast Radio wants them to.

The Subconscious Headset EP creates worlds as often as it destroys them, and Jones’ range of experiences such as producing the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in the Czech Republic to playing NYC’s Dub War party with Kode 9 colour these soundscapes and solidify him as one of the most unique and talented producers around. This might be why he’s been getting quite a lot of play on BBC Radio 1 with Mary Ann Hobbs. An eclectic deviation of the label’s usual sound yet perfectly congruent, this release is another new dimension to Betamorph.