Release Date: 08/01/09

Teksteppa – Dreamers Of Dreams

SoapDubz – Dub so nice – teksteppa remix

Teksteppa & MaxOhm – Sex-Step

Teksteppa – CID

Teksteppa & MaxOhm – End Of The World

Teksteppa – Dreamers Of Dreams – FULL ALBUM

I should start this review with a warning: The Loc, Like Cloak EP is an efficient and dangerous mechanical process, and listening to it is akin to being sucked into the cogs of its machinery. Inside, Bone Loc manipulates you with almost aqueous bass juxtaposed with a cacophony of metallic Hell. Although the sounds have been twisted and crushed, they are anything but convoluted or weak. Taking a myriad of influences from hip hop to punk, Bone Loc moulds this chimera into something precise and destructive. The result is an initially unsettling but ultimately rewarding exercise in contortion.

The remix of Richie Augusts’ ‘Death Proof’ performs like a retuned engine, taking the proudly gnarled exterior of the original and adding powerful new components under the hood. Sacrificing acceleration for endurance yields a more brooding tune that expands on all the right sinister elements. This calculated approach makes ‘Capture the Flag’ all the more subversively triumphant, and highlights the sardonic side of ‘Patriot’, allowing it to resonate without resorting to being didactic. ‘No Worries’ is the most playful tune here, incorporating some insouciant dub elements to overrule the menacing electronic melodies. The calm indifference of this track inspires the thought of leisurely sunbathing, whilst fixing your gaze on the mushroom cloud appearing on the horizon.

Although quite industrial in its approach, the slippery amphibious bass makes Loc, Like Cloak feel equally organic. Luring you inside the machine, Bone Loc will contort you alongside the tunes, spitting you out the other side, slightly deformed, a bit distorted, but also enhanced for the experience.