Megalodon – Axiom

Filth Collins – Icon

Megalodon & Filth Collins – Inevitable

Megalodon & Filth Collins – Inevitable (Metaphase Remix)

Megalodon & Filth Collins – The Megafilth EP – FULL ALBUM

The Megafilth EP is the union between young Australian producer Filth Collins and established San Francisco Bay Area Breakbeat duo Megalodon. It highlights the strengths of each artist, and the dirty chaos that happens when they collaborate.

‘Icon’ and ‘Axiom’ respectively show off Filth Collins’ and Megalodon’s individual talents. The former builds impact through simple digital waves and all-consuming bass, while the latter is more bombastic yet weirdly disorienting. When the producers collide on ‘Inevitable’, it’s like playing a Sega Mega Drive game on ketamine. Shit will be lost over the Metaphase remix of this tune, as he lifts the dynamics up into something machine gun-furious, euphoric and infinitely danceable.