Orbatak – Grimey

Orbatak – NRG

Orbatak – The Impossible

Orbatak – Grimey EP – FULL ALBUM

Orbatak are a Canadian Dubstep duo consisting of Drum n Bass and ex jungle producers K-Dubs and L-Nix. They’ve had success both individually and together, having played alongside some of the biggest underground scene names. Already boasting releases on multiple labels, the Grimey EP is what happens when their unique blend of filth finds its way to Betamorph.

It’s not hard to get enveloped by the sheer mass of title track ‘Grimey’- the tune is like a dub swamp of distorted bass and sludge. But the EP is not limited by a certain style, as ‘NRG’ is completely different, recalling the haunting midnight samples that made certain prolific artists so famous when dubstep first gained commercial momentum. To give the EP some history, ‘The Impossible’ appears as an underground jungle tune dissected and rebuilt over layers of sci-fi bass. It’s an old school alien autopsy, and proper dirty.