Release Date: 09/1/09

Ruckus & Roke – Neverone

Mark Instinct- Sketchy Maxx (U Wot Ruckus & Roke RMX)

Ruckus & Roke – Soliqual

Ruckus & Roke – Thunda Chunda

Ruckus + Roke – Neverone EP – FULL ALBUM

Chuck Palahniuk wrote that after a night in Fight Club, the real world gets the volume turned down a bit. Dubstep can do this too: tunes so intense that anything that comes out your subwoofer afterwards sounds irresponsibly tame in comparison. The Neverone EP is a transgressive and jaw breaking brilliant collision between Roke and Danny Ruckus, and it sums up that idea perfectly. This release is such a vehement and extraordinary collaboration that it promises to make the next thing you hear feel infinitely less brutal.

The fight kicks off with the eponymous title track, which creates a haunting aura supplemented by nervous synths and a jittery bass riff. Exemplifying the experimental influences of both artists, it taunts you with supernatural tones underscored with the promise of combat. The onslaught soon comes with the pulverizing remix of Mark Instinct’s ‘Sketchy Maxx’, which flat out knocks you into submission. A gyrating core powers the assault, landing deadly blows with colossal injections of bass and swift vocal samples.

Presumably you’ll now be lying on the ground in a bloody pulp, but if you choose to look up you might see ‘Soliqual’ standing over mocking you. A contemptuously sprightly lead carries the tune, hastily crossing soundscapes and showing exactly the same agility that knocked you down in the first place. The EP concludes with victory dance ‘Thunda Chunda’, an understated behemoth almost tinged with a dash of guilt at achieving such an easy takeover.

You’ve probably already heard the hype surrounding Ruckus & Roke. But if not, then rest assured that this is one EP to keep an eye on. Or maybe watch your back for. Not just because if you met it in a dark alley it would punch your face and break your knees, but because with such masterful execution and subversive intent, you wouldn’t mind one little bit. With this mammoth delivery and disruptive sensibility, Ruckus & Roke will become huge. The Neverone EP is Betamorph’s most seminal release yet.