Release Date: 10/1/09

Nephilim – Lisbon

Nephilim – Lisbon (Ekaj Remix)

Nephilim – FULL  ALBUM

According to the Bible, the Nephilim were giant men born of the Sons of God and Daughters of Men. Since then the term has been watered down a tad, as you can now find it adorning the MySpace page of a progressive metal band. Thankfully for us (and anyone important who might be paying attention), the Dubstep partnership between Mesck (Zach Mellion) and Pound (Mark Evans) has also adopted the moniker. And now they have delivered an EP as powerful as the epic name implies, so we shouldn’t have to fear any Old Testament style wrath any time soon.

As expected, the sound is gigantic. Lisbon begins with an inquisitive static and builds with helicopter beats. We then land on an oneiric plane seemingly under attack from alien soundwaves. The remix provides an acerbic take on the original, as well as replacing the natural curiosity with a grand confidence that only Ekaj could bring. The EP is a mere two tracks, so as well as being huge it is also cunningly claustrophobic. Having the two versions placed back to back disconcertingly heightens this enclosed neurosis.

Nephilim have had to overcome many obstacles to reach this point, and this EP solidifies their reputation and confirms their right to name themselves alongside giants. Drawing influences from industrial, hip hop and even rare groove, Nephilim have created a unique sound that is simultaneously confined and colossal. Betamorph is synonymous with visionary and unearthly imagery, and this release feels explicitly extra terrestrial. At the same time though, it is purposely human. The offspring of two worlds, Nephilim are a proud addition to Betamorph’s collection of intergalactic Dubstep.