Metaphase – Xenolith

Metaphase – Quantum

Richie August – Hardstep (Metaphase Remix)

Mark Instinct – Sketchy Maxx (Metaphase Remix)

Stan G – Razorlight (Metaphase Remix)

Metaphase – L.A.Liens – Volume 2 – FULL ALBUM

Metaphase has been engineering atmospheric noise and worldly influenced beats for ten years, so it’s no surprise that his contribution to Betamorph’s L.A.LIENS series is both elemental as well as urban. It begins with opener Xenolith which paints a nocturnal landscape of a hibernating city, before unsettling the dreaming metropolis with rumblings from underneath the pavement. As Quantum pierces through the concrete, the EP explodes with alien sirens and the city feels the full force of a dubstep invasion from under its feet.

The earthy tones are undoubtedly a product of the fact that Metaphase is as experienced with Indian folk music and a tabla as he is with 2 step garage and a laptop. Having shared sound systems with DZ and Boxcutter, as well as dabbling in film composition and sound design, this EP allows him to craft a perfect fusion from natural and electronic dissonance. The result is a futuristic sensibility that also remains entirely tellurian.

The first two tracks set the scene with ambience turned into volcanic eruptions, but it’s the remixes that truly ignite the asphalt. To start, Metaphase somehow manages to make Richie August’s Hardstep even harder with sharp injections of drum n bass. Meanwhile, Mark Instinct’s Sketchy Maxx gets a lobotomy and becomes strategically cumbersome. Both are destructive in different ways. By the time we close with Razorlight’s transcendent riff, the city has not only woken from its slumber, but is now ablaze.

This next stage of L.A.LIENS takes what is already brooding underneath the metropolis, and turns it into a cataclysmic blitzkrieg from above and within. The result is equal parts concrete, soil and space opera. Always revolutionary, this is the sound of Metaphase not only destroying civic property, but also musical boundaries.