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Xian 1 – Quetzalcoatl

Xian 1 – Spearfishing

Xian 1 – EZ Dread Dub

Xian 1 – Why Have They Come

Xian 1 – Why Have They Come – FULL ALBUM

Opening to tribal drums and the backdrop of the shadowy jungle, Xian1 leads us into an anachronistic documentary about the ancient God Quetzalcoatl. Represented by the head of a feathered serpent, he apparently taught man both the arts and the cultivation of corn, before buggering off back to the stars. As a loquacious synth lead penetrates the darkness between the trees, Xian1’s own version of the deity returns. Thankfully, this time he comes to share the secrets of digital art and futuristic Dubstep, not how to harvest snacks from the ground.

After the chimerical and ambiguous introduction, things build surreptitiously with ‘Spearfishing’. Using a tantalising bassline as bait, the track manages to find the volume implicit in stealth without ever needing to explode. Somehow it’s all the heavier for it. The reggae of EZ Dread Dub is equally nonchalant, alternating between apocalyptic and mellow. This track recently featured on the Betamorphosis Volume Three compilation, proof that Xian1 can already hold his own alongside scene legends such as DZ and Orien.

By the time we close with ‘Why Have They Come’, Xian1 has upgraded from ethnic tools to laser weapons. Amid a chorus of b-movie narration, we analyse the after effects of the alien invasion with erratic and swift bass. Handling the collision between ancient civilisations and alien wisdom, this EP has some big historical themes in mind as it traces our time on this planet. As well as the clever and unique dynamics employed in these tunes though, this EP is remarkable because Xian1 performs it all so casually. With his tracks encompassing the myths of the past as well as those of the future, Xian1 is another powerful deity among Betamorph’s own growing Mythology.