Release Date: 11/6/09


Orien – Tension

Richie August – HardStep (Metaphase Rmx)

Mark Instinct- Sketchy Maxx (U Wot Ruckus & Roke RMX)

Magenta – Transformed

Xian1 – EZ Dread Dub

Richie August – Dirty Waltz (ABZ Rmx)

Ruckus & Roke – Neverone

Organikismness – Hybrid

Wascal – Part Time Rudeboy

DZ & Sam XL – Munch

Betamorphosis – Volume 3 – FULL  ALBUM

Since the first Betamorphosis compilation was released over 6 months ago, a lot has changed for this stateside Dubstep label. After a brief glance at this latest instalment of their signature compilation, it appears that Betamorph are now definitely in a position to show off: the track listing reads somewhere between a police identity parade and a full on alien circus. Betamorphosis Volume Three is a cavalcade of sonorous and dirty subterranean sci-fi.

The compilation is bookended by legends: We open to a sly combination of melody and pressure in ‘Tension’, courtesy of Orien, already legendary from the Dub Police and Poizend Audio. Later, the truly epic finale is orchestrated by Sam XL and DZ through the pure white-knuckle friction of ‘Munch’. Centre stage however is shared by the up and coming Magenta with ‘Transformed’. This symbolic heart of the release features unapologetic kinesis interspersed with lucid dream vocals.

As well as selections from artists currently dominating the scene, the spotlight is also on remixes by Betamorph veterans. The face-melting Ruckus & Roke remix of Mark Instinct’s Sketchy Maxx is a club favourite, and guarding its back are two versions of the more choreographed Richie August tracks: Metaphase’s pulsating version of ‘Hard Step’ and ABZ’s perverse rendition of ‘Dirty Waltz’. The compilation’s chemistry between scene giants and newcomers is ample proof that Betamorph strives to birth new fables, as well as simultaneously being able to handle the Dubstep almighty.

Betamorph has garnered attention for the extraterrestrial imagery associated with each release, and Betamorphosis Volume Three confirms that it is not only a metaphorical trajectory of the label’s goals, but also a signifier of the keen atmospherics that have won their releases such praise in the scene. A full range of soundscapes are here to be absorbed, from Wascal’s playful bandit orchestrations, to Xian1’s curiously aloof apocalypse reggae and the unique swamp styled beats of Organikismness’ slippery ‘Hybrid’. The bass corrupting assortment on here is a credit to the innovative catalogue that Betamorph is devoted to building.

The theme of these compilations is growth and transformation, but rather than the gradual evolution shown on previous releases, this one highlights Betamorph’s final transmutation into one of the most prominent and respected purveyors of equally fine, equally intergalactic Dubstep. The tunes on here are a twisted alchemy of everything Betamorph has already accomplished, as well as an authoritative promise of what is coming soon.