Release Date: 11/25/09


Magenta – Entity

Magenta – Transformed

Magenta – Rancid

Magenta – Condemned

Magenta – The Warriors

Magenta – Entity – FULL ALBUM

Psychics who claim to be able to see a person’s aura would tell you that magenta is the colour of innovation and creativity. They’d be able to tell that just by listening to this release as well. Magenta is already recognised as a serious up and comer, and the tracks on Entity do nothing to dispel his potential supremacy. Anyone trying to psychically connect with this EP should be warned though, as the digital spirituality that they witness may corrupt their mind and transmute their perspective of reality.

We begin with the title track hovering to expose a futuristic skyline, and a sampled voice warning us: ‘What if you awoke with no memory? What if the world you knew was gone? What if you discovered you were not alone?’ Before you have a chance to contemplate the message, Magenta waylays you with frantic mind altering beats and psychic disturbance. ‘Transformed’ has already captivated praise as a highlight on the recent Betamorphosis Volume Three compilation, and here it is the overlord breathing even more strength into its silicon counterparts: ‘Rancid’ is digitally ethereal, and evokes haste as well as the slow process of anthropomorphic decay. Then ‘Condemned’ completes the judgement with a cybernetic consciousness that overwhelms the organic with the precision of artificial intelligence. Finally, the pulsating bass of ‘The Warriors’ is audible proof that the EP’s opening prophecy has come true, and the world now only exists in Magenta’s twisted digital construction.

The sinister electronic undertones do give this EP an ambience of calculated destruction, but it is also apparent that this is merely the manifestation of potent skills testing their powers. Where some beats are aggressive, others are playful and this gives Entity a dissident symmetry. This is mirrored in Magenta’s enigmatic personal touches, as well as the duelling interior and exterior worlds deployed in the tracks. By the end you may in fact wonder about your own reality. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if a man in a long black leather jacket had turned up to offer me the choice between a blue pill and a red pill. My advice would be to take both and have an awesome time being absorbed by the sounds of Betamorph’s most unreal new talent.