RELEASE DATE: 12.09.10

 Bratkilla – Violent Crayon – FULL ALBUM
Bratkilla – Violent Crayon
Bratkilla – Pixel Porn 
Bratkilla – Origin Unknown

 Bratkilla – Open Wound 

Bratkilla – Masturbating Flesh Collector 

When Skrewface signed Bratkilla to Basspunch records it was with
a two track ep that would serve as a mere precursor to the production
giant that is Marcus Lindström.

As an annotation, this would be the album
garnering the attention of fellow producer Skevist, and eventually earning him
a spot within the SÖDERTÄLJE MASSIVE.

The album opens on the title track
Violent Crayon, and instantly the listener is treated to a sophomore album
that is light years above most sophomore albums. Production, Structure and
creativity shine through layers of heavy bass that would fit perfectly
as the soundtrack to an intergalactic mega war featuring giant robots armed only
with nuclear missles.

Nineteen year old Bratkilla shines in the beatdown sections of Pixel porn, and ultimately decimates in the follow up Origin unknown.

Not to be underestimated Brat has follow ups forthcoming on Abducted and Chronos
and is quietly cranking out tunes at least once a week on his soundcloud.
If feedback is a marker for talent then the next few months are sure to be an exciting road
for both Lindström as well as the rest of the rest of us here at Betamorph.

Review by Kyle Christopher