FourKingTV : Betamorph Interview w/Deej

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FourKingTV: What Drove You To Creating A Label?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

It’s interesting timing on this question because I was just explaining it to someone today. Basically, in a nutshell, I got into the electronic culture/Rave scene in 1991 (Los Angeles). Needless to say that, along with thousands of other kids, it completely and totally changed my life. I became one with “the scene” pretty much instantly and has been a major part of my life ever since. I’ll never forget hearing “James Brown Is Dead” by L.A. Style one day on commercial radio (something that I miss from back home) and thinking to myself “what in the hell do we have here!!” while throwing my hands up and well, raving. That song and many others of that particular time in our movement had a serious affect on me. I was in love. P.L.U.R. baby.

Nearly 20 years later (wow!), I now find myself in the midst of something similar. About 3 years ago or so, I got turned onto Dubstep by one of my friends who was making beats with me regularly. I remember him turning to me and asking me” Hey did you catch wind of this Dubstep shit yet?” I had heard one of my friends make some but had still yet to have heard any or really what it meant at all. We proceeded to make some and then a few days later, I had done some research via online music stores and about Dubstep. It was on. For the first time since I was a “kid” I felt the same way as I did then. I knew that I had found my passion. This was in August of 2007.

For many months in 2007 I had the great honor and opportunity to work with Dioptrics from Abducted Records. They have Drum and Bass and Dubstep on the label and I was asked to help run the Dubstep side of the label with Qel Droma from Stupid Fly Records. Once I began getting pretty deep in the game, I decided that it was time for me to start my own label. Having my own record label was never something that I set out to do… it was never a goal or a dream of mine…. It was just meant to be.

FourKingTV: Tell us abit about what Betamorph

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

Betamorph Recordings is not your everyday, run of the mill label. From the inception of the label the idea has been this….

“When a person sees a Betamorph logo (While shopping for music, etc) they simply will not know what they are going to get…..they’ll just have to check out all the tunes in the catalog”

I simply wanted the label to offer an “off the beaten path” approach to our beloved Dubstep. This is why you’ll find many different styles on our label from “Couchstep” to “Hardcoremetalinyurfacestep”. It was also important to me to give a handful of “unknown up and comers” a shot at their dream. Betamorph has taken part in many artists success’s in our scene such as Richie August, Mark Instinct and Total Recall.

FourKingTV: What Does The Logo Represent?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

The Betamorph logo represents a few things of which a few are obvious and a few which are not. For starters, the Alien eyes represent just that, Alien Consciousness. The idea behind this is, whether you believe or not, that aliens are using this music to convey “Interdimensional Thoughts” which, I believe is what is happening through each producer in their own special way.

Call it God, aliens or w/e you like. But there is something very serious going on with our current brand of electronic music and well, with most music I suppose. Dubstep is significant as it encompasses ALL styles of music into one.

This, to me, is very important as it includes all walks of life and you can see with its current popularity how this is the case. The smile that our friendly winged alien logo has is a representation of the good spirit or the intention of what we do. We are not “Evil” aliens but kind and friendly ones.

This is not to be taken literally if you’re a stuffy, cranky normie. But if you’re a happy go lucky raver with deep understanding then you get where we’re coming from. Most people do not realize that the logo is wearing headphones. This has many meanings as well but mostly points to the fact that each of us has our own personal experience with music. This music is intended to take you on a spiritual journey, on your own musical spiritual journey. It’s a personal experience for each of us. Our goal is to raise consciousness whether you’re on 5 hits of window pane or high on wheat grass. Either way you’re gonna get morphed…. Right in your Beta area. This is what the wings represent. Fly high and be conscious. Betamorph.

FourKingTV: Tell Us abit About The Management You Have Over At Betamorph?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

Betamorph is owned by me, Chris McCahill aka Megatron and Adam Firer aka Get Physical. I ran Betamorph with Megatron for about a year until I just absolutely had to reach out for help. The savior of the century was Get Physical. With his tremendous support and help, we got the new website up and running with stickers and music that could be purchased there as well. Adam ran a very successful blog in MI called of which he let go of to pursue our passionate path here at Betamorph. With Adams geeky prowess and many gifted talents, along with Megatrons top notch professional graphic design and my serious knack for social networking we have a very solid team that I’m most proud to be a part of. There are many many other people behind the scenes that play a significant role in what we do but I’ll touch base on them later on in this interview.

FourKingTV: With Your Large Artist Roster, What Sounds Do Each Artist have ?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

I touched on this earlier in regards to the many different styles of music that we release. If you were to go to our website and browse all of our artists you may find yourself a bit shocked at some of the names you’ll find there. We take great pride in encompassing various styles of Dubstep. Whatever style of Dubstep you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a taste from one of our hundreds of artists.

FourKingTV: What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge Yet

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

Running a record label is pretty damn easy if you want to be simple about it. This is not the route that we chose. I often get feedback from my partners to “slow my roll” but I just can’t seem to be able to do this. One of our biggest challenges has been the sudden explosion of popularity and how to maintain it. As with anything else in this life, it takes great dedication and time to see the fruits of your labor. As we grow, so does our understanding of what we’re doing. Let’s face it. When I started this label I had no experience in this trade. I was a DJ, plain and simple. Now, almost 2 years later, our experience has taught us that this game is really all about quality of the music and your reputation in the community. Hopefully as you go thru our release timeline you’ll see a steady increase of quality and focused direction. Currently, I’d say, that our biggest challenge is acquiring music that is of the highest quality with the lowest budget.

FourKingTV: Where Can You See Yourself and The Label In One Years Time?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

Keeping ego out of it, I’d like to think that our label by this time next year will be not only one of the biggest Dubstep labels out there, but will also have the opportunity to expand into other genres as well. I’m a lover of all music (Electronic and otherwise) and I’d like to release House, Drum and Bass, Drumstep, Hip hop and perhaps even “Tori Amos” type artists. Once we nail this Dubstep aspect of what we do then we will surely expand.

FourKingTV: What Shows Have You Got Coming Up?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

I went on a nationwide tour in May of 2010 and since returning I’ve shifted my focus to running the label. I will be going on tour again soon but in the meanwhile I have upcoming gigs in Tallahassee Florida, Atlanta Georgia and St. Louis Missouri as well as a few local gigs such as the infamous “Crunchay Sundays”. My new passion for touring now falls in the hands of festival promoters and participants. Don’t get me wrong. Playing in clubs for melting faces is great but I’d like to see some faces melting in the brisk sunshine by a lake with no cops. Haha, good times indeed.

FourKingTV: What Up And Coming Projects Do You Have Planned?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

Our biggest plan for the upcoming year is something called “Betamorph 2.0 / The Relaunch” We have had such great recent success that it’s time to kick it up a notch. The theory here is, well, just like Microsoft went from Windows 98, up to the now current Windows 7, our theory is to do the same. We are quite proud of what we do here but we all agree that it’s time for an upgrade. These things don’t happen easily and without great dedication and commitment from our team. I call it “a learning curve” and we are, by all means, entitled to that. We keep our blinders on. We don’t want to focus on trends that are current and created by others. We would like to be the ones creating trends. Ironically, this can’t be done by focusing on what others are doing. We’re preparing for this with great focus and to finish building our team is what we’re doing now.

We also have a new management company called Betamorph Artist Management [BAM] in which we’re helping established artists/DJ’s to achieve success on the touring circuit. Jamie “Betamorph” Roberts is the mastermind behind this expedition. She’s the move maker and we’re her supporters. She has displayed great dedication and the willingness to be the best and we’re so proud of her and all of her contributions to making this run smoothly. Again, a learning curve is in order here and we feel as if we deserve that. Keep an eye out for a Betamorph artist in your neck of the woods. It’s only a matter of time.

Another project definitely worth mentioning is a recent opportunity that fell into our lap with a Reality TV show. One of our artists, SickorWell has been chosen to be on a network television show to showcase his “rags to riches” DJ/Producer life. I will be handling this one first hand and will be trying my best to bring Sickorwell to your town too. Keep a lookout for us.. we’re comin to getchya!!!

FourKingTV: We See Your Involved With Dubsteppers For Haiti Can You Tell Us What You Have Been Doing For This Cause?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

It’s ironic how you’re the first people to actually ask me about DSFH. I figured that this would have happened a long time ago but here’s where we stand today on this issue. We feel that it’s important to be able to take a look at the whole picture.

Some of us are better off than others. Some of us have a little money to throw around while others have plenty. In either case, if you can afford to buy a few tracks a month than you’re doing MUCH better than the devastated people of Haiti. Point is this. We made a rather large project out of this with the interest of helping the people of Haiti.

With the advice and direction of some angels amongst Facebook land, we were able to hone in and pick a charity that was perfect. The organization is called Americares. What makes this charity and project unique is that when we donate 1$ USD (less than the price of one track) to Americares, the money is matched 35 TIMES!!!!! In total we donated close to 6500$ which in matched donations = roughly A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!! For those of you who are not in the know, there is very little money to be made on digital music sales for the artist and the label.

To achieve this figure was amazing. 6500$ in less than a year’s time is really unheard of. Just ask any label owner and they’ll vouch for that. But to give credit where credit is due, A LOT of this profit came from our very good friends over at . They were gracious enough to waive their percentage of profits for the good of Haiti as well. To be fair, Juno Records also participated in this as well for approx 4 months and donated a little over 500$ of their profits.

I’m not sure that we’re going to be able to pull it off but our goal has been to release DSFH5 on the anniversary of the tragic events in Haiti which is Jan 12th. It’s amazing to think that it’s only been less than a year since tragedy struck in Haiti and if you follow the news at all you know that they are still fighting to stay alive with a Cholera epidemic.

We must not forget our fellow human beings in Haiti and across the globe. DSFH1 and 2 was a solo effort. DSFH3 was a team effort with Stupid Fly Records, DSFH4 was with 2012 Imprint, and DSFH5 is with Badman Press and Bassweight Recordings. DSFH6 will be with Dubsaw Recordings.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give some shout outs to the people that really helped to make this happen. A HUGE THANK YOU to Rick Simons aka SymbL for being gracious enough to master over 100 tunes for free of charge.

Thank you for your huge heart and incredible contribution Rick. Thank you to Steve Welborn of Total Recall for helping me when my partner was having his twins with his beautiful wife. You kept the momentum going friend and we have you to thank for that.

A heartfelt thank you to 12th planet, Roommate, Stagga, Matty G, Orien and all of the other big hitters (too many to name here ) for your contribution to this great cause.

The same goes out to all of the other participants. Even though your name isn’t as big as some of these guys, your contribution was appreciated at the same level. In my eyes you’re all equally as BIG and you all are incredibly giving and talented people.

FourKingTV: Can You Tell Us Abit About Your Partners And Supporters?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

We are blessed to have very meaningful and inspiring partnerships that many probably do not know about. First off, we’re partners with and supported by Symphonic Distribution. I’m not sure that many label owners would have included their distro on this list but I didn’t get it twisted. I couldn’t be happier with my distro. They’re top notch and I appreciate everything that they do.
Furthersound Artist Management is an incredibly important part of the Betamorph Family and has been an indispensable part of our progress from the very beginning. It’s been amazing to watch them grow along with us on a very par level. Brandon S is one of my best friends and I am so grateful to be a part of the Furthersound Family.

J’aime le Dubstep has partnered with us recently and well, it’s just epic. Matt Hali and Construct run such a professional and kind operation that I’m nothing less than honored to be a team member with these guys. They make moves constantly and it shows. A HUGE thank you to them for their continued support.

Badman Press is an incredible partner as well. You have to keep this in mind. What we do is “Family Biz” and we don’t mess around. It’s the equivalent of a gang of people beating up on someone… strength in numbers. Everyone knows how awesome Badman Press is so; naturally we couldn’t be more honored to be associated with these Badmen.

Our other partners and supporters include Analogic Recordings, Dub Cartel, Dubsaw, Rub A Dub Blog and Squitty Bubbler. This list continually grows as I’m a firm beliver in this aspect of our business…. After all it’s not what you know it’s who you know. If I didn’t include your name here it’s because that 59,004th acid tab was too many for my brain. Please forgive me.

FourKingTV: Any New Releases That The Listeners Should Look Out For?

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

At the time of this writing, our next release is Bratkilla.
When Skrewface signed Bratkilla to Basspunch records it was with
a two track ep that would serve as a mere precursor to the production
giant that is Marcus Lindström.

As an annotation, this would be the album
garnering the attention of fellow producer Skevist, and eventually earning him
a spot within the SÖDERTÄLJE MASSIVE.

The album opens on the title track
Violent Crayon, and instantly the listener is treated to a sophomore album
that is light years above most sophomore albums. Production, Structure and
creativity shine through layers of heavy bass that would fit perfectly
as the soundtrack to an intergalactic mega war featuring giant robots armed only
with nuclear missles.

Nineteen year old Bratkilla shines in the beatdown sections of Pixel porn, and ultimately decimates in the follow up Origin unknown.

Not to be underestimated Brat has follow ups forthcoming on Abducted and Chronos
and is quietly cranking out tunes at least once a week on his soundcloud.
If feedback is a marker for talent then the next few months are sure to be an exciting road
for both Lindström as well as the rest of the rest of us here at Betamorph.

Review by Kyle Christopher

On deck we have quite a few tasty treats. Be on the lookout for Hosta, Bong, Barbarix, Camel Orgasm, Total Recall, Bubble and Squeek, Stickbubbly, Destr0, Metaphase, Phear Phace, F3tch, Butch Clancy, Brainpain, and a few other gems such as remixes, etc. Be on the lookout for some solid Drumstep tracks as well. Shit’s about to pop.

FourKingTV: What Are Your Plans For The Future

Deej (Founder Of Betamorph):

The ultimate goal for us in the future is to become much more than just a digital label. In time we will surely move forward with Vinyl production. We’d like to reach out as far as possible. I’d even like to go as far as having some CD’s in popular malls and stores such as Best Buy and Wal – Mart. We’d like to see our merchandising take off globally.

But our most important and meaningful goal is to be more involved in philanthropy (Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind).
I would like to see after school centers for kids to make music and keep them off the streets. I’d like to see more charity projects for all kinds of walks of life. I’m convinced that with the new ways of our world, i.e. technology and the internet, that we can legitimately do this. All of this starts with a pure desire to do well by our fellow man. The rest is up to the aliens and hard earthly work. 😛

Our team includes:-

Deej: Co-Owner and Founder

John Walkup: Deej’s right hand man

Megatron – Co-Owner and Director of Creative Services

Get Physical – Co-Owner and Web Master

Aaron Markaverich – Technical + A&R

Rick Simons – Mastering Engineer

Jack Haigh aka Krew – Director of A&R

Simon Fogg – Senior Editor/Writer

Kyle Christopher – Writer/ Senior Video Editor

Albert Garcia – Video Editor

Jamie Roberts – Director of Artist Management

All I Want To Say Is A Special Thanks To Deej And The Betamorph Family Thanks For Supporting FourKingTV