Year End Awards

Well, the year is now closing but before we say goodbye to 2010, we wanted to have one final HOORAH and pay “props” or should we say “recognition” to labels that went above and beyond expectations in 2010. We distribute over 1,000+ labels so of course, not all can be on this list. For those that are not on this list, we equally think of each and every one of them as a valuable entity to us and the music industry. For those that made it on this list, congratulations and here is to a great 2011!

As a bit of extra FYI, we thought we’d outline what some of the categories mean. Some of these (Label Of The Year and Best New Label) are self explanatory but the others do require some explanation so here goes! Most Generous: Meaning that what a label has done for its fans and artists is impressive to us. This can result in the type of promotion the label has done for the artists and for the fans and also can pertain to what a label has done to push an artists’ name to the masses (Such as placing a new artist along with an established one) Most Diverse: If the label also tinkers into other genres but still stays true to the genre it is awarded then that deserves recognition for being diverse and understanding that cross promoting genres is effective! Label To Watch in 2011 is self explanatory but in case you wondered, this award highlights a label we believe will make some damage next year! Last but not least, the Hardest Working Label award is for labels that just plain do not sleep! We get copied on tons of emails and see what these labels are doing in their respective networks thus, we believe they work very hard to get that extra push for their brand! And now, the winners are….


Label Of The Year: Play Me Records
Best New Label: Ultragore Recordings
Most Generous Label: Betamorph Recordings
Most Diverse Label: Subdepth Records
Label To Watch In 2011: BroTown Records
Hardest Working Label: Heavy Artillery Recordings

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