Beatport Featured Release

Every week we will post releases that receive the “Featured Releases” honor on as well as other retailers! If the release receives a banner and/or is mentioned as a “Featured Release” within a genre, we will post the label name, catalog number, release name and the direct to link for all to view and possibly purchase.

We distribute a large amount of labels and we constantly send in requests in hopes that each and every time they are met. Unfortunately, there will not always be featured releases and/or quite a bit of them but it is great to see that some of these releases by these hard working labels are being featured in all sorts of genres considering that hundreds of new releases (by new and established labels) are being added to Beatport daily.

Every Tuesday expect to see a new crop of releases. With all of this said and explained, here are the releases and labels featured for this week. Each are separated by genre for quick viewing! This week’s post corresponds to releases featured from 1/3 – 1/11.

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