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Growing from the bass heavy fruit of veteran DJs and producers Dylan James (aka Deej), Adam Firer (aka Get Physical) and Chris McCahill (aka Megatron), bass music label Betamorph has been pummeling the scene with a twisted series of epic soundscapes and dirty symphonies. 2011 is shaping up to be another big year for them so we talked to Deej to find out what to expect…

Let’s start with the history of your label, how did Betamorph get started?
It’s interesting timing on this question because I was just explaining it to someone today. Basically, in a nutshell, I got into the electronic culture / rave scene in 1991 in Los Angeles. Needless to say that, along with thousands of other kids, it completely and totally changed my life. I became one with ‘the scene’ pretty much instantly and has been a major part of my life ever since.

I’ll never forget hearing James Brown Is Dead by L.A. Style one day on commercial radio (something that I miss from back home) and thinking to myself ‘what in the hell do we have here!!’ while throwing my hands up and well, raving. That song and many others of that particular time in our movement had a serious affect on me. I was in love. P.L.U.R. baby.

Nearly 20 years later (wow!), I now find myself in the midst of something similar. About four years ago, I got turned onto dubstep by one of my friends who was making beats with me regularly. I remember him turning to me and asking me ‘hey, did you catch wind of this dubstep shit yet?’. We proceeded to make some and then a few days later, I had done some research via online music stores and about dubstep. It was on.

For the first time since I was a kid I felt the same way as I did then. I knew that I had found my passion. This was in August 2007. For many months in 2007 I had the great honour and opportunity to work with Dioptrics from Abducted Records. They have drum & bass and dubstep on the label and I was asked to help run the dubstep side of the label with Qel Droma from Stupid Fly Records. Once I began getting pretty deep in the game, I decided that it was time for me to start my own label. Having my own record label was never something that I set out to do, it was never a goal or a dream of mine, it was just meant to be.

What plans do you have for the next year?
We’ve been savvy to the drumstep movement for just under a year now. We wanted to get involved earlier but we just had too much going on. We didn’t want to let too much time go by and to ‘get left out’ of the momentum, so we made a conscious effort to step up our momentum regarding drumstep. We’re aiming to put quite a bit of attention on the sound.

Some of our upcoming releases are Point Blank + Bukez Finezt – Whut, LoneStar – Beware and Nostalgia (Transmorph Remix). We’re always looking for new QUALITY drumstep and have many unconfirmed songs.


With that being said, what place do you think drumstep will be taking on Betamorph?
A permanent place. We’re a bass music label. We believe in the sound and the movement. We’d like to be known for drumstep as well as dubstep (and other genres for that matter) so we’d like to see a drumstep release about every month if possible.

What is your opinion of the sound so far and where do you think it will go?
We feel that the drumstep “sound” was introduced and copied badly by many people. We enjoy hearing drumstep tunes that are actual QUALITY. Producers like Stickbubbly, Nostalgia, Dirty Deeds, Mischief and Mayhem, etc putting their own spin on it is what really caught our attention as a label and as DJs. We feel that the sound is still new and is being chiseled out nicely by the current arsenal of talented producers.

We feel that the drumstep sound will potentially overshadow the dubstep genre in a matter of time and will be a positive force for the drum & bass movement. Drum & bass will see a lot of love from this genre and we’re proud to be a part of that as well.

Words: DJ Ekim

Get Physical – Knowledge Magazine Promo Mix [Click Title To Download]


  1. LoneStar – Beware [Forthcoming Betamorph]
  2. Mark Instinct – Killa (Subsonik Ft. Messinian Drumstep Remix) [BomBeatz Music]
  3. Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be [Hospital Records]
  4. Rusko – Hold On ft. Amber Coffman (Sub Focus Remix)/Rusko – Hold On (Poirier Refix) [Mad Decent / Downtown]
  5. Terravita – Lockdown [Beta Recordings]
  6. Megalodon + Filth Collins – Inevitable (Symbl Remix) [Betamorph]
  7. Point.Blank + Bukez Finezt – Whut [Betamorph]
  8. Terravita – And The Beat Goes On [Rottun Recordings]
  9. Stickbubbly – Dig This [UNRELEASED]
  10. Figure – Have You Fucked Up (Punks Get Jumped) [Bass Hound Records]
  11. Depone – Dramazon [Dubwar Recordings]
  12. BadKlaat + OddSokz – Belapse (Badklaat Drumstep VIP) [BadKlaat]
  13. Original Sin + Taxman – Penamana [Playaz]
  14. Reso – Slap Chop [Hospital Records]
  15. Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire Remix) [Atlantic]
  16. Original Sin – Step On ft. MC Roly [Playaz]
  17. Nostalgia – Dubstyle [UNRELEASED]
  18. D-Jahsta – Transmorph (Nostalgia Remix) [Forthcoming Betamorph]
  19. Document One – Forgive Me (Heist Drumstep Remix) [Buygore Records]
  20. Stickbubbly – This Is This [Betamorph]
  21. The Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) [Bassnectar]