Halo Nova – Alien Crunk

Halo Nova – Lady Vengeance

Halo Nova – Yip Yip

Halo Nova – Shiva Starsystem

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Ushering in the summer madness with another Betamorphic instant classic, Halo Nova’s “Alien Crunk” EP proves that the Sunshine State has its finger securely attached to the pulse of Dubstep.


The namesake of this release, “Alien Crunk” is a monster of a song that truly does “get it popping”.  This track opens with a short but funky atmospheric section which hints at the staccato bass line that pumps throughout the rest of the piece. The break drops, perfectly accented by Nova’s expert use of the Hip Hop punch-in, and becomes a juggernaut of sound as it rolls through your ears. The ride is characterized by a very smooth sub paired with Nova’s particularly well put-together atmospheres and chimes.


Next up, “Lady Vengeance” is a killer that opens with Halo Nova’s, once again beautifully plucked out melody steeped in echo, and atmosphere, but interlaced with a ghetto vocal sample that just brings the conglomeration home. When she drops, “Lady Vengeance” leaves no survivors as the ascending bass line cuts through the speakers and into your ear drums.  If you don’t, “know what it is” you will, as “Lady Vengeance” switches gears into a double time section that will most definitely leave the dance floor jumping.


“Yip Yip” is a particularly creative piece that gives no hint of the direction it takes at the drop.  First of all the continuous sub bouncing along really lends some serious bottom to this playful, yet aggressive track.  The yip yip stabs play a game of cat and mouse with the revving bass and create an almost video game like visual if you close your eyes and listen.

My personal favorite, “Shiva Star System” is nothing less than a seriously deep and relentless dogfight which takes place in deep space.   Characterized by a very splashy open hi-hat and a tense but straightforward call and answer, this track moves seamlessly between aggression and peacefulness as the arpeggiated chords swoop in and take you away. This composition is pure genius.


Halo Nova has taken his sound right to the top in production, in execution, and in soul.  His love of different genres has created a very characteristic and refined sound that will keep this eclectic producer at the top of the charts and at the front of our minds.


Music Review by Jeremy Godbolt aka Prez Cricket