Bytesize – Another Kind

Bytesize -Platonic

Bytesize – Sundance

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As the summer descends upon us and the temperature here in the Sunshine state reaches staggering heights, it seems Betamorph Recordings has seen fit to unleash another radiant star upon the dubstep universe. Luton London’s own Bytesize has set fire to the industry with his first EP, Another Kind. It’s no wonder that the 18 yr. old producer has a solid educational background behind his production skills. His production is crisp, rich, and full of dynamic elements. Track after this track, this EP delivers the artist’s intention flawlessly and stylishly.

The namesake track, “Another Kind” is truly a masterful piece of work. From the very beginning, Bytesize dynamically brings you from nothing into a warm blanket of atmosphere that carries you towards the first drop-in. None of the sounds sit still or flat in the intro of this amazing piece, as the background and lush synths carry you toward the point of no return. The track takes a deep breath and launches itself into motion with revving bass lines that take you up, and staccato synths that bring you down, as if you were riding a rollercoaster of sound. The main flow is accented by these little tick tock drums that never let you forget that this song is moving towards something great. From the well-timed pauses and sweeps into and out of the beat, to the decidedly jazzy, even sassy riffs that end some of the phrases, this track has character, soul, movement, and most importantly, Bytesize swag, written all over it.

“Platonic”, yet another smashing endeavor brought to our ears by the masterful Bytesize, is already gaining momentum on the playlists of all the global dubstep heavies, and for obvious reason. Listening to the start of this song, you are transported to a classic, epic, rave scene by classic, epic, rave sounds. The syncopated stabs accompanied by little blips that playfully run up and down their scale all come together into a tensing build up, and then it happens. Jump-off! You almost don’t know which genre the track will break into. It could easily be anything from breaks to hi-nrg, but as soon as the first kick-womp hits, you know you’re dealing with a dubstep banger. In all the tracks from this EP the true drum enthusiasts will be pleased to hear the way this producer incorporates certain funkiness into the added percussion during the rolling bits. There are not enough adjectives of praise one can use when describing the way all the elements of this song come together. I can only promise that your neck will be as sore as mine once “Platonic” comes to an end.

I have been humming the opening melody to “Sundance” since I heard it a week ago. My personal favorite, this song boasts the most aggressive break of the three masterpieces in this EP. It opens into a heavenly chorus of floating arpeggios, and high notes that dance the scales again. This time when the break happens, you are completely thrown on your head by the missing kick, and then trampled as it comes back at break-neck speed. Throughout this stellar piece Bytesize will use that technique to keep you on your toes, and to really showcase the diverse fills in those spots. As if that weren’t enough reason to soil yourself on the spot, the switch up takes you into an almost bachata style break which will definitely get the hipsters hips swinging, and the jumpers jumping.

The movement Bytesize is able to create by pairing the grimy long notes with the plucky high notes, and all that wonderful percussion, really makes this writer swoon with anticipation at what is to come next from the one called BYTESIZE. Betamorph Recordings and Bytesize raise the bar of quality another notch with this release, and bring to the dubstep universe a feeling of “Another Kind”

Music Review by Jeremy Godbolt aka Prez Cricket