BMR022: Total Recall – INTO THE SKISM

Available worldwide March 22nd 2010

Total Recall – They Live Below

Total Recall – Initrode

Total Recall – Lizard People

Total Recall – Dr. Mindbender

Total Recall – All In On It

Total Recall – Number 1_2

Total Recall – Lycergic

Total Recall – Soulless

Total Recall – Into The Skism – FULL ALBUM–-Number-1_2-Clip.mp3

To certain theorists, schism energy exists as a metaphorical spell upon the human mind which disconnects us from the full magnitude of who we are. This conspiracy reveals an explanation for the fear and insecurity which paints the social mask we wear, as well as unearthing an illuminati of reptilian humanoids who secretly govern us in disguise. However, with the mass hysteria of the modern world we are gradually awakening to the enormity of existence. ‘Into The Skism’ traces this oneiric journey into our consciousness through tense beats and revelatory sounds capes.

Total Recall is the moniker for the veteran production partnership between Dustin Blair and Steve Welborn, who have recently garnered attention for their masterful piercing of the Dubstep sphere. Their electronic wisdom is immediately on display as opener ‘They Live Below’ audibly begins the descent into conspiracy. With machine gun bass meeting a power drill, it bores into the earth’s surface before reaching a pocket of hallucinatory calm. ‘Dr Mindbender’ puts a name to a frantic sensory assault, while ‘All In On It’ mocks you with ghostly synths and maddening laughter. We conclude with ‘Soulless’, which manages to be hollow and ethereal but also satisfying in its ambiguous orchestrations.

Drawing inspiration from powerful conspiracies makes ‘Into The Skism’ a relentless passageway through multiple levels of history, humanity and knowledge. It derives extra strength from the fact that the focus is always on allegory, rather than allusion. This means that when Total Recall reference more abstract ideas, the beats stay sincere. ‘Lizard People’ exposes the shape shifting alien lizards that have infiltrated our culture through symbols, and the result is a cold blooded, fast and intelligent tune. ‘Into The Skism’ is the highest quality reptilian Dubstep.