Release Date: 1/29/10

Dubsteppers For Haiti – Volume 1 – FULL ALBUM

1. The Widdler – Hatian Relief Dub

2. Zeno – Stay Together

3. Olie Bassweight – Ayiti

4. Dubheadz – Tears for Haiti

5. Symbl – Outside Looking In

6. Claw – Antisocial

7. Robbing Hood – Tonight

8. Sinjin – Drunken Master

9. abZ – Be Still

10. Jason C & Metaphase – Firewater

11. Mind – Point of Exit

12. Ceeker – North Star

13. Bleed – Warrior Stance

14. Chi – Mass Hysteria

15. 0045 & TDBZ – Moonwalk

16. Bokator – Southside Skank

17. VooDooSteamboat – Vultures

18. Baron Rogue – Time To Run

19. Mr. Curtamos – JungleBiz

20. Chewie – Frogger

21. KzA – Outbreak

22. Korea – N35

23. Flexie – Rising

24. Seed Art Ha – Killer B’s

25. KzA – Collabs

26. RumbleJunkie & Seed Art Ha – Playing GOD

27. S.I.E. – Sound Boy

28. Flexie – Heartbeat

29. Kalbr – 2010

30. Metaphase – No More War

On January 12th 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries, leaving two million homeless and without access to clean water, food or medical aid. In just a matter of days, small Dubstep record label Betamorph Recordings created and organized ‘Dubsteppers for Haiti’, a compilation album which would rally the worldwide Dubstep community to join together to help relieve the unbearable suffering caused by this disaster.

‘Dubsteppers for Haiti: Volume One’ contains thirty tracks contributed by Dubstep artists from around the globe uniting for this cause. The fundraiser is unique because 100% of the royalties raised go directly to the Haiti relief fund. This has been made possible because retailers Digital Tunes, Juno, Dubstep Records, Addictech, Chemical and Symphonic Distribution have agreed to waive all fees in order that the maximum possible amount is raised for the citizens of Haiti. This is a remarkable logistical achievement for online distribution of music in such a short time frame.

All money raised is donated to AmeriCares, a charity with a unique model that allows $3,500 of humanitarian aid to be provided for every $100 donated. This includes critical medical supplies, nutritional supplements and other vital assistance. Please see www.americares.com for more information.

In only five days, sales of ‘Dubsteppers for Haiti: Volume One’ have already totaled just under $1000 from Digital Tunes and Juno alone, which means that AmeriCares will be able to provide close to $35,000 in aid to the people who need it most. These two retailers are the first choice to purchase the compilation from, as they release the proceeds every month. This means that the result of Dubsteppers for Haiti’s efforts will come to fruition in visible aid as soon as 1st February. The compilation will also be released on more widespread sites such as Beatport and iTunes in the next week or so to reach a huge audience.

DeeJ, the man behind Dubsteppers for Haiti and Betamorph Recordings has been inspired by the altruistic approach of his peers. Moved by the distressing images he witnessed of the destruction, and his own humanitarian philosophy, he was motivated to make a difference in the best way he knew how: gathering the support of his artistic community. Musically, Betamorph Recordings is associated with science fiction imagery and sounds, but the spirit of this fundraiser shows that their futuristic perspective is an ethereal manifestation of concern for the needs of our own planet.

News of this release has already spread to all levels of the Dubstep music scene. The compassion and haste with which it was organized has inspired unity throughout this community and a positive energy to make a difference, and there has already been extensive social media coverage and support from prominent individuals. The extremely positive response and spirit of cooperation it has inspired means that Volume Two is already due to follow within a week. This time the list of producers continues to reach out to all spheres of Dubstep and includes such artists as 12th Planet, Matty G, DZ, Stagga, Babylon System, Orien, Total Recall, Ultrablack, Trill Bass, Charlie P, Dan Wall, Olie Bassweight, Sook, Boot, Magenta, DLX, Kelly Dean, Kid Logic, Richie August, and the list just goes on and on. This release will feature another thirty huge tracks and is even expected to overflow onto Volume Three. With a partnership already established with Twenty Twelve Records to release Volume Four, it is evident that ‘Dubsteppers for Haiti’ is not a one-off benefit album, but rather a serious ongoing fundraiser that reaches all echelons of a musical community to provide increasing relief through their continual benevolent spirit and goodwill.

In such a short amount of time, Dubsteppers for Haiti has achieved something very special. Their aim is to now raise $10,000 and then find an individual associated with NPR or an internationally known organization to match that amount. This would result in $700,000 in aid being raised through AmeriCares, an incredible grassroots achievement and an accomplishment that Betamorph Recordings and the entire dubstep community can be truly proud of.