Hailing from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Filth Collins is carving out his place in the Dubstep universe and putting the true dirt South on the map. In his productions Filth Collins brings the nasty while paying close attention to musicality and notation. Keep an ear out for him on his Triple J Radio show. Hear about him from BBC 1 Extra’s Mistajam, or check him out live at Fake Nightclub in Sydney to celebrate the release of this album. With energetic live performances, remixes for prominent artists, and more and more of his own productions on the way, Filth Collins is sure to be stomping down a venue near you very soon.

“Hellberg’s” minor chords and sinister soundscapes paint a very spooky and foreboding atmosphere in this piece by the Filthy One. Picture a much more flowing and subdued dance floor when listening to this track. It’s what is referred to as a body-winder, or a panty dropper. This is the track where you grab your girl or next man’s girl and wind it up together on the floor. Don’t be fooled by this track’s seeming sensuality. The bottom is there when the bass hits, especially in the stripped-down parts. Melody and flow are the keys to this production, and Hellberg is drenched with both.

“Phonic” starts off with a blast of bass and the ticking of a Dubstep time bomb about to reach critical mass. The beat makes an entrance and quickly begins its ascension into the main drop. This track is strictly meat and potatoes in that it wastes no time finding its main pulse. The gritty descending bass line rips through speakers with reckless abandon as this bottom-heavy banger churns along.

“Get Out” should come with a warning label that states the following: “CAUTION! Contents may cause involuntary and permanent facial contortion. Small children, wannabes, and posers, should not use this product.” A skank-friendly tune if ever there was, “Get Out”, will have you doing your best gangster strut almost immediately. From the no-nonsense drum groove, to the low rasping sway of the bass, this track embodies a self-confident rudeness that oozes from every bar. Pop this tune in and watch as all faces engage screw-mode, necks begin to tense up and bob in unison, and all those who can’t feel this are urged to “GET OUT”!

Only mayhem can ensue once the full force of “Let Me Go” is unleashed upon a crowd of unsuspecting victims. This devastating Dubstep monster is the brainchild of the Aussie mad men, Filth Collins and Pop the Hatch. Jerry Gorman, A.K.A Pop the Hatch, has received prestigious credits worldwide as his remix of “Jack Track” by Tonka was featured on BBC Radio1. The two rising stars have created a massively heavy tune that combines big room appeal, musicality, melody, and nice percussion work. Surely the future of this collaborative entity is as bright as the stars that don their flag.

Words by Jeremy Godboldt

Artwork by Megatron Graphics

Mastering by Rick Simons @ “The Lab”

Filth Collins – Let Me Go

Filth Collins – Phonic

Filth Collins – Get Out

Filth Collins – Hellberg

Filth Collins – BAM – FREE *Click title to download

Filth Collins – Let Me Go – FULL ALBUM