Dust ‘n’ Dirt

Another intelligently played out romp by Affe Maria, “Dust ‘n’ Dirt” begins with a very glitched-out, analogue pulse on top of a righteous straight beat which would be at home in any darker electro house song. Instead, it gives way to a powerful granular bass ascension that ebbs and flows, accented with deliciously harsh syncopated stabs, and octave variations.  Less creative individuals would call it a song at this point and offer no more variation, but Affe Maria is not done with us yet.  He takes the song to a whole new level of nasty with a switch into this stomping, whipping section that will twist and contort the most rigid audience. The Dubstep universe can ink another masterpiece on the books with this release from the ever-futuristic Betamorph Recordings.

Get Thrilled

Triumphant, filthy, mind-blowing, major, are all quality adjectives to describe the sounds that are born when Affe Maria and Distrikt, join forces.  Their most recent collaboration has spawned Get Thrilled, a bass churning journey through sound that is more of an adventure than a song.  “Get Thrilled” is characterized by a soulful Spanish guitar lilting through an ominous atmosphere filled with sound effects that seem to float by your very eyes. The drum work during these sections has a decidedly indie-rock, or jazz feel to it that removes you so completely from the rest of the song you could get lost.


With the most sinister intention, Distrikt unleashes war with this killer piece of ammunition.  Beginning with a series of minor orchestral stabs that build suspense as effectively as any classic horror movie soundtrack, “Anger” unfolds into an onslaught of ripping bass and stomping drums.  An extremely visual piece, Distrikt manages to create more of a scene than a song with “Anger”.  As if the original wasn’t angry enough, Sinister Souls captures the evil essence Distrikt’s “Anger” and twists it into something even more destructive than this reviewer ever thought possible.  In a world of “re-rubs” and “re-fixes” that generally dilute the original piece, this tune is a breath of fresh napalm.

The Chosen

With an intro that sounds like the death march of a medieval platoon, “The Chosen” immediately wrenches the listener from his mundane reality and transports him into a siege machine that is just about to purge the enemy’s defenses.  Few producers successfully manipulate mood and atmosphere this well.  So often, this theatrical quality is lost or overlooked in today’s music, and it is refreshing to again experience that level of commitment to theme.  Distrikt blends atmosphere and execution perfectly with this song, and raises the bar of quality production one more notch for Betamorph Recordings and the Dubstep universe.


“Trainthoughts”, thought out by our resident madman, Affe Maria, begins with an enchanting voice telling us , that the world we inhabit offers nothing so fascinating as what awaits us once we climb aboard this train.  This song evinces feeling with lyrics, violins, and a clean and accessible melody that is sure to change hearts when played properly.  This song is clean, complete and once again a mood, and atmosphere changer.  A track any enthusiast will be proud to own and play, “Trainthoughts” is a master stroke by a master manipulator of sound.

Distrikt – Anger

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