The meaning of the word embodies the intentions of Belgian bass masters, Jeremy Roufosse and Thomas Doumont. Quite simply, this pair of monstrous technicians hailing from Liège, are intent upon conquering the world of Dubstep one enormous release at a time. This one, brought to you by Betamorph Recordings.


Subdue doesn’t just make songs. They create soundscapes, whole worlds within the structure of a song that transport the listener to a place that is always out of this world. In its beginning, Earthshrine sounds like an orchestra warming up in a storm. There are swelling bass notes and wind, and tinkling arpeggios that all seem to be moving towards something powerful. Then the track simply takes off, and its poetry in motion. There is strength and intensity in the way the bass line churns over the drums and the song definitely seems to stomp as it moves along but I wouldn’t say the song is dark. It’s beautiful, and awe-inspiring.


Once again, Subdue succeeds in creating a totally immersive audio experience for the listener. From the start, the song introduces itself as a mist of pianos and chords, and a melody that seems to be carried on the wind. It builds up into a twisted mass of resonant bass that takes a deep breath and explodes into the main theme. Every hit of the kick drum brings with it a huge serving of sub-bass and every major hit of snare sweeps in from one side and rings out the other, but the real star is that organic bass line that expands and contracts like a heart, from a thin, gritty tone into a massively wide and deep tone that consumes the entire track. All the while, cinematic stabs and short arpeggios in the background create a real melody that permeates this onslaught of sound.

These two songs are tens, make no mistake. This release WILL top charts and break records once it touches down. With the skills they posses, Jeremy Roufosse and Thomas Doumont will undoubtedly Subdue the world of Dubstep with the sheer force of their will.

Words by Jeremy Godbolt

Artwork by Megatron Graphics

Subdue – Earthshrine

Subdue – Skyline

Subdue – Earthshrine – FULL ALBUM

Foreign Beggars – Piss Take Pictures (Subdue Remix) (FREE) *Right Click – Select “Save As”

Pendulum – The Island (Subdue Remix) (FREE) *Right Click – Select “Save As”