Squnto is one of those rare artists that defies convention at every turn. His music will draw you in with familiarity and then smash your concept utterly. In order to attain this level of musical freedom, the artist must first understand and master convention. Then and only then, can he turn it on its head, or throw it out altogether. Betamorph Recordings is proud to be represented by such a master of audio design as Squnto and we are already excited to hear his future endeavors. On behalf of Betamorph Recordings, we proudly present The” Smash” E.P. brought to you by the clown prince of bounce, Squnto.

The whole E.P has a decidedly 16-bit feel to it that is epitomized in its namesake excursion, “Smash”. Full of refreshingly nostalgic but oh so clear and crisp Super Mario samples, this song jumps off the Nintendo and right into your heart. It’s clear that Squnto is toying with us as the song blips and sputters along over incredibly tight drums and organ-like synth stabs. He lets “Smash” breathe in the later minutes as the song takes on a more legato feel, which says to the listener, “I can make this sound anyway I want”. “Smash’s” production is absolutely pristine and deliberate, yet it’s hilariously whimsical, proving that Squnto knows what you expect to hear, and has absolutely no intention of letting you off that easily.

“Sycamore” takes us to a twisted candy land of bass where Squnto reigns on high. Here, the air is haunted by the voices of a choir which sings praises to their king, and all the while, an ominous wind blows foretelling of war and destruction on the horizon. Just then, when all is quiet, all hell breaks loose as Squnto releases the full force of his bass cannon, which decimates the dance floor with a barrage of deadly sweet ammunition. Morphing from quick fire to long bursts, this track is a shape shifter that never reveals its true nature until the very end. Here we see “Sycamore” transform one last time into a 4-on-the-floor, fidget-step banger that stomps right along to the end of the track.

A hauntingly sweet xylophone melody joins with a helpful little bongo and some short blippy tones to build a pulsating rhythm. That group picks up some beefy strings that take the little melody and turn it into something serious. Two fat brothers, Kick and Snare join the party from the background and now the little melody is a full blown orchestra. This is how clean Squnto’s production is on “Tyranesaur”. The listener can pick out every single instrument and relish in the way it combines with the other elements to achieve the bigger effect. Although the bass takes the lead, the orchestral strings are what glue the whole piece together and give it its class.

Words by Jeremy Godbolt

Artwork by Megatron Graphics

Mastering by Rick Simons @ “The Lab”