BMR049 : DKS


2011’s summer has brought the world record high temperatures, and unprecedented heat in the form of Dubstep releases. Now, Max Clarke, known to the Dubstep universe as DKS, looks to extend that trend into the Fall with the absolutely scorching, Feel4U E.P. that will soon be setting fire to venues worldwide.

With what is remarkably this young artist’s first full E.P., DKS. delivers massive big-room appeal with this one, and breaks into the scene like a sledgehammer.  The namesake track, “Feel4U” and its remixes are just what the world needs right now. Full of enormous positive vibes, and a huge triumphant bass line, this track is a guaranteed crowd pleaser from start to finish.  “Let It Go” puts the Dub back into Dubstep with its bouncing reggae feel and upbeat melodies, while “G-Funk” is strictly for the neck-breakers.  “Leave the World”, my personal favorite, is a total masterpiece.  It takes a perfect vocal, pairs it with a classic rave piano, and when the drop hits, the outside world falls away, leaving nothing but the music and the dance.  This song is the one that transforms a DJ set into an experience, and a club night into a ravager.

Words by Jeremy Godbolt ~

Artwork by Megatron Graphics ~

Mastering by Rick Simons @ “The Lab” ~

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DKS – Feel 4 U

DKS – Feel 4 U (AFK Remix)

DKS – Feel 4 U (Bytesize Remix)

DKS – G Funk

DKS – Let It Go

DKS – Leave The World Behind (FREE) *Right Click – Select “Save As”