The Belgian Glitch/Dubstep/Drumstep/DnB/ Duo known as Apolloud may cross several genre lines in their productions, but a singular mission seems to exist in each one, shock: amaze: destroy. The group embodies this idea during live shows, where they take the stage in sinister masks and proceed to give unsuspecting crowds a sound pummeling with their signature brew of Neuro-\Glitchy tempos and textures. Betamorph Recordings is proud to bring Apolloud into the Interdimensional fold with the release of “Weapons” and “Overdose” on Betamorph Digital.

“Weapons” is a first rate banger that showcases Apolloud’s ability to combine fun and psychotic into one tightly wrapped package. Present as always are the satisfyingly metallic synths, crisp, syncopated drums which ring out with icy cold resonance, and a sense of the song morphing, and transforming itself as it slides from one section to the next.

With “Overdose”, we are treated to more of Apolloud’s heavily syncopated beats which give the music a pulse that the bass can follow. That pulse combined with sweeping synths, sharp stabs, and well placed vocalizations; make the track feel like its breathing as it rolls along in that funky, trappy style. All that is only the prelude to the point where the song picks up speed and breaks into a full-on drum and bass sprint, slips into drumstep around the corners, decides to put all four on the floor for bit, and then settles back into its original rhythm. Their style is unique, blending some serious production with funky metallic trash and a domineering stage presence. Their tunes can leap tempo and genre lines in a single bound. They’ve come to claim their place as gods of the sound and of the party. Betamorph Digital is proud to bring into the Fourth dimensional family, APOLLOUD.


LABEL: Betamorph Digital
RELEASED: Sept 6, 2013

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