If you haven’t heard about the electro whiz kid out of Tehran Iran yet, just Google Ayin M. The SEO gods must be in his corner because the first 10 links will all immediately acquaint you with this obviously hard working producer’s extensive works. Betamorph Digital now has in its clutches 2 crazy tracks from the Iranian powerhouse that are absolutely sure to raise hair on heads and hands in the air. With the release of “Quantize Me” and “Monster” Betamorph Digital is proud to introduce to the Fourth Dimension, the impeccable, Ayin M.

If there is a common thread that runs throughout Ayin M.’s tunes it is a feeling that they should be played at the party, in the club, at the height of excitement, and preferably at high volume. “Quantize Me” wastes no time bringing the listener to the to the dance floor with its tinkling arpeggios and just a hint of the deep growl that will later engulf him. The drop unleashes a rushing tidal wave of bass frequencies that signify that premium Dubstep sound, accented by staccato notes that give the song both head nod appeal and oh, so much movement. Every varied element lays together to create a uniform tapestry of energetic sound that is never for a minute boring or repetitive.

With “Monster” we hear Ayin M.’s first love coming through the mix. A 4×4 aficionado at heart, Ayin delivers with an electro house banger that definitely qualifies as “Some Bomb Ass Entertainment”. The outstanding moment of this track is the surprise silence that lasts just long enough for the listener to say “huh?”. Just then the track wakes up, takes off into a buildup, and drops you into a crunchy, stomping, house groove that rolls out hard as Fuuuuuh.

With his incredibly energetic production, strong emphasis on networking, and his ear to the ground on all things electro, Ayin M. is charging forward to make a name, a vibe, and an impact on the Electro/Dubstep scene that will stand the test of time. With the release of “Quantize Me” and “Monster” Betamorph Digital and the entire Interdimensional family salute you, AYIN M.

Words by: Jeremy O. Godboldt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ayin.M.Music
Twitter: twitter.com/AyinM
Soundcloud: @Ayin-M


LABEL: Betamorph Digital

RELEASED: Oct 04, 2013


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