8th Entity – Dream of Heaven


Talented producer, lover of all things majestic, friend, alien, all can be said about George Lee, the soundsmith known as 8th Entity. His range of creative ability is vast, spanning the universe of EDM like so much antimatter. Matching that range is his passion for production. George Lee may be a San Diego native, but his musical soul has no bounds. This is evidenced in his latest release from the Betafarm in which he channels the 8th Entity to put together a trio of tracks that remind us why life is better at 170 bpm.

STARTING TODAY is the perfect feel good soundtrack for the ride home from the club with best mates and a couple of birds you just met. Powerful vocals from “Revolution is the Sun” are the centerpiece of this track and they are beautifully framed by a subtly bouncing bass, and harmonious blips that give the song a truly thoughtful and optimistic vibe.

In WE WILL, 8th entity presents the listener with a syncopated Rhodes-heavy roller with Amens as the backbone, echoing vocals adding atmosphere and continuity, and a super jazzy lead dancing over it all. The bass and the Rhodes cleverly split the chords adding depth with harmony, and overall the track seems like it could roll on endlessly throughout the night.

Right from jump DREAM OF HEAVEN feels like a seasoned dnb veteran has made this track a labor of love. It’s just so damn good. The first twenty seconds paint a picture of a serene coastline where the listener is staring at the sea and marveling at the vastness of it all. Relaxed Piano licks accompany a perfectly balanced drum track with just the right amount of movement and punch to cause one to close his eyes and nod his head. The namesake vocal leads into the setup and the drop brings with it a smooth and throaty bass that ties the whole theme together like so much caramel.

As a fresh face on the dnb scene 8th Entity steps in strong with productions soaked in feeling, depth, and clarity of purpose. Future projects can only get better and everyone in the BetaFarm family is eager to hear what will come next. With these three gems ringing in our ears, the entire spectrum of the Betamorph family would like to say to 8th Entity and bass fans worldwide, Welcome to the Fourth Dimension.

Words by: Jeremy O. Godboldt

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