Vendetta – Lone


If the EDM duo known as Vendetta built houses the lines would be smooth and futuristic, with light coming in through curved glass windows set in unexpected places. If they built cruise ships they would be anthropomorphic vessels that look like something straight out of The Fifth Element. Luckily for bass heads like us, these Bay Area knob twiddlers make Electronic Music. Stellar Drum and Bass no less! Betamorph Digital has seen their star on the rise, and we jumped at the opportunity to welcome Vendetta to the Fourth Dimensional fold with the release of LONE.

Lush and vibrant, with layers upon layers of synthesized texture, all Vendetta’s music shows their appreciation for atmosphere and cinematic tension. LONE is no exception to the rule. The song begins soaked in atmosphere and dripping with anticipation. Waves swoosh past and stars seem to trickle down while trumpets set up the melody, and the buildup begins to rise. As the bassline filters into the mix, the song swings upward and transitions right into a heavy groove. Trumpets give way to a beefy neuro two step with soft highs and thumping lows. Syncopated hits stab through alternating frequencies, giving the track a pulse which creates the feeling of ebb and flow that pumps through to the second drop. Then LONE drops the subtlety, brings in triumphant violins, big orchestral elements and synths that rip right through the mix.

To be sure, there are other noteworthy tracks in Vendetta’s repertoire that showcase their diversity of talent and style, but with LONE, the pair pinpoints an emotion and builds upon it until the song is as dynamic and alive as the people who wrote it. Great things will come from a healthy dose of time and support for these musicians, and Betamorph Digital is proud to stand behind Vendetta with the release of LONE.

Words by: Jeremy O. Godboldt‎

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