By his own account, Derek Lombardo, A.K.A., SixFour is just a young guy making whatever comes to mind. But if you ask the Betamorph crew, he is a digital respirator, pumping ever-important life into the realm of dnb’s tighter side. His contribution to the genre is significant as drum and bass has battled for relevance in an EDM world dominated by tracks that often amount to nothing more than a 3-minute high frequency onslaught. Drum and Bass has in recent years revitalized itself starting at its stripped-down core, and SixFour’s songs tap into that core with super tight mix downs, subdued instrumentation, and grooves that flow like water. With pride in our hearts Betamorph Digital aims to keep it Subterranean and give the dnb world the Jitters with the one called SixFour.

Subterranean is a track that tickles you right on the cerebral cortex. It’s a minimalist’s dream cruise through a wormhole to the subconscious. Hypnotic and transfixing, it carries the listener deeper and deeper into a realm of the Fourth Dimension where there are no weirdly pitched girly vocals, or played out samples to distract you from the undulating bass. The drum line is a crispy neuro roller accented by reverberated riffs, and natural drum fills. The bass is like a deep sea current pushing and pulling the track along, with nasty aggressive stabs and variations at all the right intervals. All in all it’s a great track to zone in or out to, depending on your preference.

The Jitters is a horse of an entirely different color. It’s an exciting piece that wakes you from the trance state invoked by Subterranean. Dominated by a tech steppy groove, this track sort of saws its way into your brain and makes you want to jump up and X step till your ankles break. The energy of the track stays high throughout, making it a perfect lead-in to amping up your mix for peak times. Tight drums, tight bass, and no filler, The Jitters is a one more great addition to the repertoire of any selector leaning to the techy side.

Words by: Jeremy O. Godboldt

Catalog #: BMD024
Release Name: The Jitters / Subterranean
Release Type: Single
UPC Code: 811868343662
Number of Songs: 2
Primary Artist: Sixfour
Label: Betamorph Digital
Main Genre: Electronic
Genre: Drum & Bass

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