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The science fiction imagery synonymous with every Betamorph release is symbolic of the ethos that Dubstep’s lack of boundaries epitomize the innovation capable in a digital age. The Betamorph symbol not only represents a futuristically styled archive of groundbreaking music, but a fair deal for the artist, a perspective that many currently see as alien. This has allowed Betamorph to build a prolific catalog and extend their reach worldwide. The artist roster not only includes insane talent from Metaphase, D-Jahsta, Richie August, Megalodon and Mark Instinct but also releases from legends like DZ, Orien and Lukki. Already positioned at the forefront of Dubstep evolution, Betamorph have also been picked up by Symphonic Distribution, featured as October’s label of the month in 2009, and was nominated for Best New Dubstep Label in the Dubstep Forum Awards of 2009. Although based stateside, Betamorph have also been harboring talent from around the globe. A partnership with the down to earth DeeJ, creative genius Megatron, the culture savvy Adam Firer and snarky British journalist Simon Fogg has helped ensure that the label’s output will always match the quality of the imagery and the beats in professionalism, but also in never becoming predictable. Betamorph conquers across all platforms.

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